Wednesday November 5

9- 9,15 Welcome Address

9,15-10,30 TIM CRANE (University of Cambridge): “The Determinacy of Content”

Comments by Marta Jorba (University of Girona/UCD)

10,30- 11 Coffee break

11- 11,45 Clotilde Calabi (Università degli Studi di Milano): “Tip of the Tongue Experiences”

11,45- 12,30: Parallel session

David Miguel Gray (Colgate University): “Cognitive Phenomenology and the Ascription of Thought”

Marie Guillot (LOGOS-University of Barcelona): “The Concept of Self: a Phenomenal Concept Grounded in Cognitive Phenomenology?”

12,30-14,15: Lunch

14,15 -15,30: MATTHEW SOTERIOU (University of Warwick): “Exercising Agency Over the Occupation of Conscious Attention”

Comments by Rowland Stout (UCD)

15,30- 16,15: Parallel session

Mark Fortney (University of Toronto): “Does Cognitive Experience have Attentional Structure?”

Eli Alshanetsky (New York University): “Articulating a Thought”

16,15- 16,30: Coffee break

16,30-17,45: DIETER LOHMAR (Husserl Archive Cologne): “Non-Linguistic Thinking from a Phenomenological Point of View”

Comments by Lilian Alweiss (Trinity College Dublin)

20: Dinner

Thursday November 6

10-11,15 JULIA JANSEN (KU Leuven): “On Inner Sense, Empty Thoughts and the Role of Imagination: Some Kantian and Husserlian Contributions to the Debate”

Comments by Elisa Magrì (UCD)

11,15-11,30 Coffee Break

11,30- 12,15: Parallel session

Christian Skirke (University of Amsterdam): “Transcendental Reflection”

Owen Englefield (King’s College London): “A Cognitive Architecture for Imageless Thoughts”

12,15 -13,30: AGUSTÍN VICENTE (Ikerbasque/University of the Basque Country): “The Puzzle of Unsymbolized Thinking”.

Comments by Markus Schlosser (UCD)

13,30-15: Lunch

15- 15,45: Parallel session

Sam Wilkinson (Durham University): “Action, Perception and Conscious Thinking: a Predictive Account”

Philip Walsh (University of California, Irvine): “Conscious Thought: Cognitive Phenomenology or Language?”

15,45- 16: Coffee break

16-17,15: KATALIN FARKAS (Central European University): “The Phenomenology of Attitudes”

Comments by Jim O’Shea (UCD)

20: Conference Dinner

Friday November 7

10-10,45 Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin): “Why Frege Cases Involve Cognitive Phenomenology Only Indirectly”

10,45- 11,30: Parallel session

Miguel Ángel Sebastián (UNAM): “Cognitive Access and Cognitive Phenomenology”

Dylan Bianchi (MIT): “The Phenomenology and Epistemic Role of Rational Insight”

11, 30-11,45: Coffee break

11,45-12,30: Parallel session

Anna Bortolan (Durham University): “Affectivity and the Phenomenology of Thinking: The Role of ‘Existential Feelings’”

Jingjing LI (McGill University): “The Possibility of Intuiting Concepts. A Phenomenological Re-examination”

12,30- 13, 45: PETER SIMONS (Trinity College Dublin): “Pointers. The Missing Link between Intentionality and Reference”

Comments by Dermot Moran (UCD)

13,45-14: Concluding remarks

14: Lunch


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